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Today's Screen Painters

Yesterday's painters were all either direct or indirect disciples of William Oktavec. Current artists learned from Oktavec's students or imitators. Later generations have been self taught or benefited from Painted Screen Society workshops, school classes or the How to Paint a Baltimore Screen DVD.  As times change so do the materials they use and the subjects they and their customers choose.

**Screen painters who are actively taking commissions in 2024 are indicated below.

In Memory of Dee Herget

1935 ~ 2024

"We are diminished by one colorful, whimsical, screen adoring soul. She might have once said “Painted Screens are Life.” 
How she will be missed by the thousands of people whose lives she touched. 
The family has asked for donations in her name to be sent to The Painted Screen Society, 610 Park Ave, Balto 21201." - Elaine Eff

Delores A. "Dee" Herget was featured in the documentary "The Screen Painters."

Delores A. ‘Dee’ Herget, practitioner of Baltimore tradition of window screen painting, dies

- The Baltimore Sun News/Obituaries, Sat, February 15, 2024

We welcome you to share memories of Dee on the Painted Screen Society of Baltimore's Facebook page


Tribute to Tom Lipka

Sadly, we lost a beloved master screen painter and friend on April 4, 2018. 

Tom Lipka, his teachings, art, and life-long dedication and enthusiasm for screen painting have been sorely missed. 

Thomas Lipka

Master Screen Painter

1935 ~ 2018

Tom began painting window screens in 1945 at age ten. He watched an itinerant screen painter, later identified as a Canton neighbor, Alonzo Parks. The similarity between the two masters' work is evident in every aspect of their signature Red Bungalow. After a career with Baltimore City, Tom rekindled his painting career in the 1980s and had been one of the most active teachers of screen art. 

Sadly, Tom passed away in 2018. Farewell Tom. We hope he is painting beautiful colors across the sky. 


Screen painting by Tom Lipka
More Painters

Amanda Smit-Peters, Highlandtown Main Street Manager, Baltimore, MD.

Anna Lipkaapprentice to Tom Lipka, Westminster, MD. (Retired from painting)

**Anna Pasqualucci, Master Screen Painter, Anna's PaintedScreens,  Facebook,   Linthicum, MD. 410-859-1544,

(Anna will resume taking commissions after June 2024)


Brenda Foehrkolb, Brenda Star Studios, Chestertown, MD.


**Clare Chesnavage, Clare's Window Screen Painting,  Hedgesville, WVA.


John Oktavec

Master Screen Painter 

John is an active screen painter

Like much of his family, John Oktavec is an exceptional self-taught artist. He follows in the creative footsteps of his grandfather, William who invented screen painting and his father Richard who inherited the family mantle.  Their styles are stylistically interchangeable. John fills commissions from his studio in Anne Arundel County. He worked for a commercial sign painting firm.  

Email John for screen requests.


Screen painting by John Oktavec
More Painters
**Jeff Bodick,  Jeff Bodick Studio on Facebook, Etsy, Catonsville, MD.   (410) 917-2210,

Jennifer Crouse, apprentice to Dee Herget (Sorry, no website available)

Jenny Campbell,  FacebookNew Orleans, LA. 


**John Iampieri, Master Screen Painter, Bella Designs, Maryland State Arts Council Artist in ResidenceYoung Audiences,   Facebook, Bishopville, MD. 410-352-5695,  


**Lisa Penn,  LisaPennArt.comapprentice to Anna Pasqualucci, Ocean Pines, MD.  Facebook, contact Lisa


Dee Herget

Master Screen Painter

1935 ~ 2024

After quitting her City job due to a hearing loss, Dee asked elder artist Ben Richardson for a lesson. A quick study and  natural artist she worked from her Highlandtown home, offering her work through hardware stores and ads in the East Baltimore Guide. She works from her own little waterside bungalow in Essex, turning out hundreds of traditional images on demand.  

After retirement from screen painting, Dee passed away on February 11, 2024. 

Delores A. ‘Dee’ Herget, practitioner of Baltimore tradition of window screen painting, dies -  The Baltimore Sun News/Obituaries, Sat, February 15, 2024

Screen painting by Dee Herget
More Painters

**Michael Seipp, Baltimore Screen Painter, Baltimore, MD.


Monica Broere,  apprentice to John Oktavec, Baltimore,  MD.  

Pat MichalskiGlen Burnie, MD. 410-761-0647 (/Retired from painting)

**Paul Dorrcaptainpaulsart

Baltimore, MD. 443-305-2373, 


Rosalee Velenovsky, Hamilton, MD  (Sorry, no website available)

Troy Richardson, Baltimore, MD.     

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